Recess Run

We're taking running back to it's youth, when it wasn't about the miles, the pace, or the training - it was just about recess! Join us Thursday September 3 at 6 p.m. for our Recess Run at the Fleet Feet Sports store. No registration necessary, just show up for an evening of fun!

There is no "I" in Fleet Feet Sports! We believe strongly in community and running together, so this will be a team event. We will split up the groups when you arrive.

There will be several "photo opportunities" along the way. We recommend bringing your phone if you want to participate. Let us know if you need phone storage suggestions.

Event Schedule:

Class Assembly, Team Assignments and Class Photo

Run to the "Playground"

"Simon Says" Warm up

Ultimate Hopscotch

Relay Races

Capture the Flag

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