Our full shoe FIT experience is one of the many services we offer to keep you active and moving

The Fleet Feet Sports FITLOSOPHY is our commitment to the concept of a proper FIT in all aspects of our lives - from our commitment to helping you find the proper FIT for your running shoes, to assisting you in determining how running, walking, or an active lifestyles fits into your life. Simply stated, FITLOSOPHY is our FIT Philosophy and our approach to everything we do. Our process begins by ensuring that runners and walkers of all abilities are fit with the proper footwear, sports bras and technical apparel to meet their individual needs.

1. Getting to Know You

We listen carefully to your needs and goals, take into consideration any aches/pains, and outline a road map to get you where you want to go.

2. Measurement

Several measurements of each foot help us determine proper sizing and more importantly shape. We start with a barefoot assessment and look at your feet for signs that we need to take into consideration followed by an un-weighted (seated) and weighted (standing) measurements.

3. Your Foot in Motion

This helps us determine how you move and the biomechanics of your gait.

4. Fitting and Recommendations

Based on our findings, we will bring out the shoes that may work best for you. We’ll carefully inspect the fit and watch as you run or walk in each shoe. We’ll discuss the options, provide you with our recommendations and answer any questions.

5. The Decision

This one is all you since you are the only person who knows how the shoes actually feel. The key is comfort!

6. Ready to Go

Now that you have made your decision, we want to make sure that you know we are committed to taking care of your additional or future needs. This is just the starting point.

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